ATV & Motocross TIRES 

How to read ATV tire Sizes

The first number of the three, is the tire height in inches.  Many newer ATVs come with 25" tires from the factory.  The middle number is the tire width in inches. 8" wide in the front and 10" wide in the back is quite common. The third number is the diameter of the wheel rim, in inches.  This dimension must be exactly the same as your current rim or your tire won't fit properly.  Generally you can go an inch over in width or height from stock but two inches higher or wider and you'll definitely need to check your clearances.   The other thing to note is that the larger the tire, the more power it takes to turn it. Definitely go bigger tread for traction but don't go too tall unless you've got the power to pull it!


25x8x12 front
25x10x12 rear

4 ply 

19x7x8 front
18x9.5x8 rear

19x7x8 front
18x9.5x8 rear

22x9x10 front

22x11x10 rear

16x8x7 front
16x8x7 rear

Dirt Bike

2.50 x 10 front

2.50 x 10 rear

Dirt Bike

2.50 x 14 front
3.00 x 12 rear

Dirt Bike

70/100 x 19 front
90/100 x 16 rear


Please remember that ATVs and motorcycles are inherently dangerous. These vehicles are not toys and if not ridden safely, injury or death may result. Always wear a helmet and the right protective gear. Seek appropriate training before riding for the first time and parents, supervise children under 16 at all times. Ride responsibly, obey all local laws and be careful. For important information on ATV safety, please check out the Canada Safety Council web-site.

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